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Posted by Josh Paul on Dec 15, 2020 7:00:00 AM
Josh Paul

I feel incredibly lucky to have spent the last few months interviewing some of the world's most talented sales leaders for the Modern Sales Management podcast.

Being able to share their stories and insight is an honor for our company and the feedback from our subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive, making this podcast a win-win every step of the way. 

Modern-Sales-Management-Podcast-Cover-ArtFor those of you who may be new to the Modern Sales Management podcast, it is one of the only shows for sales managers and other executives responsible for hitting revenue targets.

We know you're busy and keeping up-to-date with a podcast can be overwhelming. The following guide will help you find the actionable advice and frameworks that matter most to you and your company.

How to Diagnose Your Sales Team’s Performance Problems With Charlene DeCesare

how to diagnose your sales team's performance problems with Charlene DeCesareGuest: Charlene DeCesare from Charlene Ignites, LLC

Charlene draws upon 25 years of experience in sales to explain how the best sales leaders focus on developing the right messaging, methods, and mindsets for their teams. Her actionable tips will help you determine the most effective starting point for optimizing your sales process.

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How to Prioritize Sales Rep Development on Busy Sales Teams With Chris Jordan

prioritizing sales coaching with busy sales teams with Chris JordanGuest: Chris Jordan from Campus Logic

Chris has led sales teams of various sizes across multiple industries and shares valuable insight on building and managing successful teams. He emphasizes that personal development is just as important as pipeline development when it comes to motivating your sales team and driving revenue. 

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How to Communicate Your Value Prop to Your Sales Team So It Sticks With Angela Rakis

aligning your entire sales team with your value prop featuring Angela RakisGuest: Angela Rakis from Metis Sales Solutions

Angela has over 20 years of experience selling for companies like IBM and Xerox and now she consults with smaller companies to create sales plans, find customers, and grow sales. We talk about bringing the c-suite and sales teams together to work towards a shared value proposition 

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Sales Enablement in 2021: The #1 Skill Every Salesperson Needs With Andy Paul

turning sales enablement into revenue with Andy PaulGuest: Andy Paul from the Sales Enablement Podcast

Recognized as one of the top sales minds in the world, Andy has interviewed nearly 900 of the world’s most successful sales leaders for his podcast. He shares exceptional insights into the issues sales leaders today, especially when it comes to executing sales enablement initiatives. 

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How to Implement an Outbound Sales Strategy with Skip Miller

how to implement an outbound sales strategy with Skip MillerGuest: Skip Miller from M3 Learning

As a seasoned sales professional and author of several sales books, Skip says we can’t bank on always having low-hanging fruit ripe for your sales team to pick. He feels the most adaptable and successful sales teams have an outbound focus, which enables them to create, rather than seize, sales opportunities. 

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How Sales Enablement Can Be Most Impactful With Andrew Quinn

the sales enablement debate with Andrew QuinnGuest: Andrew Quinn from HubSpot

To build a strong sales enablement culture at your company, Andrew says you should pinpoint what the ideal outcomes are for your business and work backwards to identify the present-day roadblocks that prevent you from reaching those desired goals. He explains his strategy for making the most impactful changes with the least amount of effort.  

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How to Select the Best Sales Technology for Your Business with Dan Cilley

how to pick the right sales tech with Dan CilleyGuest: Dan Cilley from Vendor Neutral

Dan helps enterprises identify the right technology path to build sustainable growth in their specific industry. He shares his framework for evaluating your company’s current needs and goals, while aligning that with your present-day sales technology initiatives, team, and budget. 

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How to Use Simple Math Formulas to Increase Sales with Ryan Reisert

the math behind great sales teams with Ryan ReisertGuest: Ryan Reisert - "Student of Sales"

Ryan is a well-known sales professional with an academic background in mathematics. He believes that your sales process can be broken down into smaller disparate pieces in order to create benchmarks for sales rep to improve and build upon. He explains his unique formula for sales process optimization that he calls the "math of sales." 

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How to Help Your Sales Team Use LinkedIn to Hit Quota With Colleen McKenna

the mechanics of social selling on LinkedIn with Colleen McKennaGuest: Colleen McKenna from Intero Advisory

The true value of social selling on LinkedIn can only be realized through the right sales process, training, and methodology. Colleen’s unique method focuses on leveraging human connection and technology to reach your company’s recruiting, branding, and business development goals. 

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How to Give Sales Reps License to Be Creative Without Losing Sight of Your Strategy With Daisy Peña

balancing creativity and strategy to win more deals with Daisy PeñaGuest: Daisy Peña from Twilio

Managing a team of diverse individuals with unique strengths and varying amounts of sales experience can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned sales leaders. Daisy shares valuable insights about what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s unpredictable sales environment. 

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