EP. 20) How to Give Sales Reps License to Be Creative Without Losing Sight of Your Strategy With Daisy Peña

Posted by Josh Paul on Dec 8, 2020 1:28:18 PM
Josh Paul

Managing a team of diverse individuals with unique strengths and varying amounts of sales experience can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned sales leaders. Especially this year, as sales teams adapted to remote selling techniques, embraced new technologies, and 40% of businesses missed their revenue targets, the role of a sales manager seems more difficult than ever before. 

Luckily, the future looks bright for adaptable and methodical sales managers in 2021 and beyond. We talk with Daisy Peña, Regional Manager at Twilio, about proven sales management strategies and best practices on this episode of the Modern Sales Management Podcast. 

balancing creativity and strategy to win more deals with Daisy Peña

With over 15 years of sales and sales management experience, Daisy shares valuable insights about what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s unpredictable sales environment. 

Our discussion also covers:

  • What role mentorship plays in sales management
  • Tips for sales reps who wish to move into sales management
  • How to create sales management opportunities for sales reps with ambition and potential
  • Why a background in customer service can benefit both sales managers and their teams
  • How to stay open to feedback from your sales team and use their feedback to constantly improve
  • Why allowing your sales team to take calculated risks on the right opportunities can be a game-changer
  • How to leverage sales technology to get “in the door” virtually to your customers
  • How to balance methodology and adaptability in today’s sales climate
  • Why risk taking can benefit your team’s long term sales goals
  • How to leverage the current trends in sales management to grow revenue
  • Tips for teaching your sales team to think on their feet and make great mid-deal decisions 
  • How role playing can cultivate sales success for sales teams and managers alike
  • What questions to ask sales reps to keep them on track and engaged
  • How to create a culture of salespeople who want to contribute to their company beyond just hitting their quota
  • Tips on identifying and building future sales leaders
  • How to avoid the most common missteps sales managers make when trying to motivate their staff
  • Pointers on managing “up and down” and dividing your focus between these tasks appropriately

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