EP. 4) How to Set Goals for Your Sales Team Without Overcomplicating It

Posted by Josh Paul on Aug 4, 2020 11:01:53 AM

Creating a successful, repeatable sales process in your organization is the holy grail for sales managers. However, seasoned executives know that what works for one salesperson may not work for another. 

So, how do you create an effective, systematic playbook for a sales team with varying strengths, backgrounds, and capabilities? More importantly, how do you do this without overcomplicating everything? 

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Is the Cost of HubSpot Too Expensive? How to Think About HubSpot Pricing

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 28, 2020 11:04:07 AM

"HubSpot is crazy expensive."

I hear this statement a few times every month.

Admittedly, when you combine your number of contacts, paid sales seats, and paid customer service seats, it is surely an investment for those who are serious about growing their business.

However, the "HubSpot is expensive" opinion is more about the person saying it than it is about HubSpot. Let me explain.

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EP. 3) How to Give Your Salespeople Messaging That Drives Revenue

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 24, 2020 2:23:21 AM

As a seasoned executive, you know how to ask prospects effective questions and say the right things every point in the sales process. Sales conversations flow freely. You are confident in articulating your value proposition. Building trust and authority is second nature. 

But, how do you get your entire sales team to use the best messaging throughout the sales process?

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EP. 2) How to Help Your Sales Team Sell to Large Companies

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 24, 2020 2:19:42 AM

Enterprise sales is vastly different from selling to mid-sized or small companies. The metrics are different. The teams and processes are structured differently. And in a lot of cases, it is exponentially more complex than SMB sales. However, most sales leadership advice is geared toward selling to consumers or smaller companies.

So, how can you set your enterprise sales team up for success in today’s environment?  How do you tackle issues such as sales and marketing alignment and become an expert on your prospects' growth strategies?

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EP. 1) How Sales Teams Can Increase Revenue (And Help More People) With the Inbound Methodology

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 24, 2020 2:11:18 AM

HubSpot was founded in 2005 with zero customers. Today, over 78,000 businesses in 120 countries use HubSpot to grow. With the company pulling in $675 million in revenue last year, HubSpot is one of the most impressive growth stories of the past 15 years - from the raw numbers and thought leadership, to their culture and transparency.

What would you ask someone who was in the room that first year and has been instrumental at the company every step of the way since?

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HubSpot Partner, Pipeline Ops, Launches Podcast for Leaders Responsible for Hitting Revenue Targets

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 24, 2020 1:55:44 AM

Every one of us knows a rock star salesperson. You can usually find at least one on every sales team. These top performers have found a way to build strong relationships, ask the right questions, and close more profitable deals than those around them. 

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Join our HubSpot Reporting and Analytics Workshop for the HubSpot User Group

Posted by Josh Paul on Jul 7, 2020 5:04:20 PM

Certified HubSpot Partner, Pipeline Ops, is leading a HubSpot Reporting and Analytics Workshop for the Phoenix HubSpot User Group on Tuesday,  July 7, 2020.

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How to Set Up HubSpot Custom Properties Without Cluttering Up Your System

Posted by Josh Paul on Jun 30, 2020 9:59:41 AM

Your HubSpot CRM and marketing software only work to grow your company if it is set up for your specific business. For instance, start-ups are set up very differently than enterprise-level businesses. A real estate company needs a different configuration than a SaaS software provider. 

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How to Get Your Marketing Team Onboard to Optimize Your Sales Process in HubSpot

Posted by Josh Paul on Jun 18, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Traditionally, marketing and sales departments have a friendly, but hands-off relationship. If there is a problem with your marketing strategy, sales stays out of it and marketing tries to fix it. If there is a sales problem, sales does not want marketing involved in the solution process.

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Three Sales Management Lessons for Managing Sales Teams Remotely

Posted by Josh Paul on Jun 16, 2020 9:38:22 AM

Let’s flashback to your sales team in the year 2019...

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