EP. 14) Sales Enablement in 2021: The #1 Skill Every Salesperson Needs With Andy Paul

Posted by Josh Paul on Oct 13, 2020 11:57:35 AM
Josh Paul

Sales enablement is a term that is gaining traction in the corporate world and its definition varies greatly depending on who you ask. 

To some, sales enablement means content management. To others, it means sales rep training or coaching. Some would venture even deeper into the concept of sales enablement and say it’s not a business strategy, but instead, a company vision.

What’s for sure is, regardless of how you may define sales enablement, employing this strategy in your business won’t happen without buy-in from your company’s c-suite. And depending on their definition/perception of sales enablement, this could be a tough hurdle for you to overcome as a sales manager.

We talk about the challenges of sales enablement with Andy Paul, Host of the Sales Enablement Podcast, on our newest episode of the Modern Sales Management Podcast. 

turning sales enablement into revenue with Andy Paul

Andy, recognized as one of the top sales minds in the world, has interviewed nearly 900 of the world’s most successful sales leaders for his podcast and has authored several books on sales and sales management. He shares exceptional insights into the issues sales leaders today, especially when it comes to executing sales enablement initiatives. 

Our discussion with Andy also covers:

  • Why c-suite executives need more interaction with the salespeople who serve their customers
  • A broad definition of sales enablement and what it can look like within a company
  • Tips on training your sales reps to have knowledge-based conversations with your customers
  • What role business acumen plays in sales enablement
  • Why sales processes should leave room for personal experimentation
  • How to amplify a salesperson’s judgment to help them make better decisions
  • Why general business knowledge is a powerful tool that most salespeople lack
  • What role the c-suite can play in improving your sales team’s performance
  • What “freedom within structure” means and how to use this strategy with your salespeople
  • Why utilizing more disparate points of view can help strengthen your sales process
  • Why sales management training is an undervalued opportunity that needs a lot more attention (and investment dollars) 
  • How sales managers can encourage personal growth and experimentation within the sales process 
  • Why hiring managers need to stop looking for attributes (hunters, closers, extroverts) and start looking for open-minded problem solvers
  • Why sales hasn’t been modernized despite advances in data and technology and how we can change that
  • Tips for a modern day sales manager to change the future of sales for the better

Learn more about Andy by connecting with him on LinkedIn or check out his Sales Enablement Podcast. For further inspiration, visit Andy’s website for endless sales tips and resources, including the selection of books he’s authored. 

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