Guide to the Modern Sales Management Podcast [Episodes 1-10]

Posted by Josh Paul on Sep 16, 2020 6:40:13 PM
Josh Paul

To sell is human. To run a sales team is not.

Leading a sales organization - where everyone has the tools, support, and clarity they need to turn leads into opportunities and opportunities into closed sales - takes a completely different skill set, mindset, and discipline than caring a bag.

Modern-Sales-Management-Podcast-Cover-ArtThis is why we recently launched the Modern Sales Management podcast. It is one of the only shows for sales managers and other executives responsible for hitting revenue targets.

We know you're busy and diving into a new podcast can be overwhelming. The following guide will help you find the actionable advice and frameworks that matter most to you and your company.

How Sales Teams Can Increase Revenue (And Help More People) With the Inbound Methodology

how-to-increase-sales-using-inbound-methodologyGuest: Dan Tyre from HubSpot

HubSpot was founded in 2005 with zero customers. Today, over 78,000 businesses in 120 countries use HubSpot to grow. Hear from someone who was in the room that first year and has been instrumental at the company every step of the way since. We also discuss how to increase sales by teaching your sales reps to be more helpful. 

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How to Help Your Sales Team Sell to Large Companies

how-to-manage-an-enterprise-sales-team-mark-stevensGuest: Mark Stevens from Ivanti

Most sales leadership advice is geared toward selling to consumers or smaller companies. This episode dives deep into enterprise sales and how it is vastly different from selling to mid-sized or small companies. You'll learn how to set your enterprise sales team up for success today and gain a competitive advantage for 2021. 

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How to Give Your Salespeople Messaging That Drives Revenue

how-to-create-sales-messaging-walter-pollardGuest: Walter Pollard from Brand Fuzion

Developing the right sales messaging and getting your team to use it on a consistent basis is a valuable sales enablement strategy. Hear more about modern sales messaging in this episode and unlock its unlimited potential for your business. 

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How to Set Goals for Your Sales Team Without Overcomplicating It

004-annoucementGuest: Mike Simmons from Catalyst Sale

Creating an effective, systematic playbook for a sales team with varying strengths, backgrounds, and capabilities is no easy task. This episode explores how sales managers can break down their sales process into smaller parts so that their team can solve customers’ complex problems with simple solutions.

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How to Create a Productive Sales Culture

005-annoucementGuest: Paul Schneider from Higher Logic

A positive sales culture plays a huge role in driving sales growth and revenue. In this episode, we talk about ways sales managers can adopt a collaborative approach to building, improving, and motivating their sales teams.

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How to Successfully Transition a Field Sales Team to Remote Selling

006-annoucementGuest: Dayne Topkin from HubSpot

Sales managers that are new to remote sales (a.k.a. the “COVID-19” sales model) face tremendous challenges. This episode provides actionable tips on how companies can pivot their sales processes and models to gain traction and thrive in remote sales. 

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How to Set Your Business Development Team up for Success

007-annoucementGuest: Angela Hamilton from Pipeline Ops

Setting your business development team up for success is a complex process that can overwhelm even the best sales leaders. In this episode, learn how to overcome challenges and best align your sales teams for revenue growth and scalability. 

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How AI and Machine Learning Are Changing Sales Teams

008-annoucementGuest: Howard Brown from ringDNA

Harnessing the power of enhanced data without bogging down your sales reps with complicated tasks is a balancing act for sales managers. This episode shares valuable information about how sales leaders can leverage AI and machine learning to simplify the sales process for reps. 

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How Sales Managers Can Improve the Performance of Individual Sales Reps

009-annoucementGuest: Rick Roberge from Sales RockStars & RainMakers

Sales managers know that working with and coaching a diverse group of talent is both challenging and rewarding. This episode explores the psychology behind sales coaching and shares how sales managers can work one-on-one with salespeople in order to build stronger teams. 

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How to Accelerate SaaS Sales Using Data and Automation

010-announcementGuest: Kevin Mead from Salestream

SaaS sales teams face tremendous opportunities and complex challenges while trying to drive and scale revenue. This episode shows how to use data and automation to improve the SaaS sales process and maximize revenue growth. 

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