EP. 5) How to Create a Productive Sales Culture

Posted by Josh Paul on Aug 11, 2020 10:59:19 AM
Josh Paul

While product, markets, and messaging may vary, a successful sales organization always starts with plugging the right team into the right culture. The best people in an unhealthy culture will result in unproductive habits and slower than expected growth. And eventually, you’ll lose top talent. If you have the wrong people with a strong sales culture, you are not much better off.

The good news is that whether you are building a team from scratch or optimizing a team you’ve inherited, there are several ways you can position your team for immediate and positive results. 

I discussed some of these sales management strategies with Paul Schneider, VP of Commercial Sales at Higher Logic, on a recent episode of the Modern Sales Management Podcast. 

How to Create a Productive Sales Culture With Paul Schneider

Paul shared tips on how sales managers can adopt a collaborative approach to building, improving, and motivating their sales teams. We also talked about creating a positive sales culture and what role it plays in driving sales growth and revenue.

Our discussion also covered:

  • How can you properly evaluate your team and its resources for optimal performance?
  • How do you hire the right salespeople?
  • Would a “lone wolf” salesperson be a good addition to your team? 
  • Should you encourage mentorship within your team?
  • What are some ways to promote camaraderie and connectivity on a remote sales team?
  • When a salesperson gets “stuck” during a deal, what are some useful tactics for helping them get “unstuck?”
  • What are the most important traits to look for when hiring salespeople?
  • Besides money, what motivates salespeople?
  • How do you encourage self motivation and accountability without becoming a micromanager/tough guy/enforcer?
  • Is appreciation a necessary tool for motivating salespeople? 
  • How can you build a strong sales culture within your organization?
  • Should a sales manager focus on the numbers (or the people who drive those numbers)? 

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