Episode #8: Business Blogging & Marketing Videos: How to Pick the Right Topics

Posted by Josh Paul on Feb 7, 2017 12:37:58 PM
Josh Paul

Creating quality marketing content starts with the right brainstorming process.

Jumping head-first into content marketing can be intimidating and downright overwhelming. After working with dozens of companies, I know that getting started is the hardest part. Save yourself a few headaches and let me show you the shortcuts I use to consistently produce blog posts, videos, and podcasts episodes.

In this episode of the Pipeline Ops podcast, you’ll learn all the basics of brainstorming blog topics. I'll lay out exactly where to look for inspiration and ideas as you begin this big, bad, and not-as-scary-as-it-sounds content journey.

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How to spot the “Trophy Advice” (2:50)

Marketers are often some of the most eager groups of people to share advice. Indeed, this is the whole reason that I started my podcast , to help others grow their business and learn from my mistakes.

In a space of a million tips and tricks, it's critical to avoid shiny objects (or shiny advice).

"If you have a small marketing team, beware of hiring marketing people that have only worked at big companies." (10:10)

Learn more about the dangers of hiring people with big names on their resumes. There are several key indicators that could put you on the wrong track.

Question of the week: Can I build a team of entirely remote marketing employees?  (10:30)

YES YOU CAN! Whether you’re in a smaller area of the country, or just aren’t impressed with your applicants, this can be a great strategy. However, building a remote marketing team can go south quickly if you don't set it up correctly.

There are a few processes and mindsets to put into place before you start sending out offer letters. I’ve got the four items you need to arrange before on-boarding an awesome team.

Never fear, writer’s block cure is here (17:10)

The biggest roadblock to implementing a solid content strategy is deciding what to write about. I'll share the three approaches you need to get started, and stay consistent, with your content.

These are tactical approaches that your team can employ to start filling up your content calendar. Don’t let fear, writer’s block, or bad content stand in the way of growing your leads.

They Ask, You Answer (18:04)

This is a concept from the mind of Marcus Sheridan (TheSalesLion.com). Collect the questions from current and prospective customers that you are answering on the phone, via email, or during sales meetings, and answer these same questions on your blog in anywhere from 200 – 2000 words.

BONUS TIP: Start by answering the question on video, then transcript that video into blog posts. You'll get two pieces of content for the time it takes to produce one.

The Oreo Method

This method is all about helping your audience discover your product, which is expertly sandwiched between a "business pain cookie." Create content that showcases the result they want, without giving away "the cream," or the fact that your product or service solves their pain.

Targeting SEO Keywords

Do some research and discover which keywords are meaningful to you and your organizations. Build your blog and video content around the keywords that you want to be associated with in search engines.

BONUS TIP: You can use tools like Portent’s Content Idea Generator or HubSpot's Blog Post Generator to generate topics around your target keywords. Take advantage of limitless, quality blog content at your fingertips. 

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