Episode #3: Marketing Tools & Tactics: How to Attract Customers Online

Posted by Josh Paul on Jan 4, 2017 7:34:51 AM
Josh Paul

Getting found by buyers in your target market is the first step to growing your business. The good news is that it's easier than you might think.

Attracting buyers is the first part of the process I use to generate qualified leads and get more customers. Unfortunately, you can’t show off your superpowers in qualifying leads, linking your solution to prospects’ problems, and closing deals if people can’t find you first.

In this episode of the Pipeline Ops podcast, I’ll walk you through exactly how I get my business found and how you can follow the same path to grow your business.

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To kick off this episode, I’ll explain why there is a big difference between being busy with marketing and spending time in the right places.

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(10:15) The fundamental step in setting up a modern marketing system is getting found.

This is your number one job as a small marketing team!

The way that your buyers research products and make purchases has changed in the past five years. This presents a series of opportunities and pitfalls for your company to get in front of those buyers.

You'll learn about:

(12:37) Productive Marketing Channels for Small Marketing Teams

Publishing online is the most effective way to get found by buyers if you don't have a big team and a big marketing budget. Learn some options for getting your expertise into a shareable digital format.

(16:11) Content Tips For Big Marketing Wins

There are three hard and simple rules for creating epic content: be helpful, be useful, and be original. I’ll be sharing a list of simple article formats to help keep your content fresh.

(18:04) Distributing to the Right Audiences

You could create the most epic content in your industry, but you’ll continue to see slow or no growth in your business unless you get that information in front of your target audience.

(5:15) You’ll also learn where you should start when improving your marketing results. I show you two paths:

  1. Start with the top of the funnel by blogging, building your lists, and getting found.
  2. Begin with your bottom of the funnel efforts like product tours, pricing calculators, and case studies.

Want to know how to decide which approach is best for your situation? You’ll learn how to take a look at the middle funnel as an indicator for choosing the right path for your business.

Quick Mentions

  1. Film: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  2. Media channels: Slideshare.com, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
  3. Keyboard shortcut to search for a keyword: CTRL-F on PC and Command-F on Mac

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