Episode #5: How to Convert Leads Into Paying Customers

Posted by Josh Paul on Jan 17, 2017 11:17:36 AM
Josh Paul

Inbound leads are unlike any lead your sales team has seen before. Here's how to set them up for success.

Capturing leads is only part of the battle. Your job as a marketer is to deliver leads and put systems in place to ensure that those leads contribute to the bottom line. This can only happen if you have the right tools and processes in place with your sales team.

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In this episode of the Pipeline Ops podcast, you'll learn how to enable your sales team to close more inbound leads. I'll cover everything you need to know, from tools to strategies. This episode is the final part of a three-part series. Listen to the first two parts (episode #3 and episode #4) to learn how to get your business found by prospects and turn people who visit your website into leads.

This episode starts with that feeling all marketers from a small team have after they complete a huge project. I share how I recently created a four video, twelve-minute product tour with a team that I could count on one hand.

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(4:55) What do you do when everyone wants to help, but has no idea how to write meaningful marketing content?

Saying 'NO' to well-intentioned co-workers, and sometimes executives, can be tricky. People in your organization may often reach out to help without having the skills to write quality content.

Learn four ways to navigate workplace politics when people reach out to help you create inbound content.

(9:43) A lead that generates no revenue is no good.

Now that you've created a steady flow of leads, it's time to talk about your close rate. Your value as a marketer begins with the number of new leads attracted, but it doesn't end there.

The tactics discussed in this episode are going to fit more closely with those marketers in a B2B market. In this market, there are several decision makers and often a lengthy sales process. Keep that in mind and make adjustments to fit your market!

Learn from the mistakes I made and avoid making your own. Listen to what can happen when you generate leads with no sales to follow.

(14:47) Inbound leads are special.

Leads generated through inbound marketing tactics function differently than past leads. It’s important to create a path for these leads that is as strategic as the way you acquired them.

You'll learn how to treat these leads so that they’ll sign on the dotted line. You can easily turn those researchers into buyers.

(17:01) The more you know, the more inbound leads you'll close.

Effective marketers work seamlessly with their sales team to convert leads into customers. The beauty of inbound leads is the amount of information you have up front.

You’ll learn how to collect, organize, and analyze the data you’ve collected to win them as customers. We’re also talk about lead scoring - what it is and how to best use it.

(22:40) Turn your sales team into specialists.

If possible, organize your sales team members around specialized tasks. This type of division enables your sales team to work more efficiently. Even if you’re a team of one, create roles to step through. You can use my suggested roles or create your own!

(30:45) The role of content in the sales process.

Just as you attracted your leads with helpful content, you will turn them into customers with even more helpful content. You’ve built your relationship on providing meaningful resources. This doesn’t stop during the journey from lead to customer.

It’s often the responsibility of marketers to equip your sales team with the content their leads are looking for during the journey. Learn how to repurpose the content you are creating to generate leads for the sales team.

(31:50) Doing more with less - the tools you need to succeed.

Finding the right tools to automate wherever possible is the key for small marketing teams. Learn what tools are worth the investment and how to use them to their fullest potential. Bonus – the free tool that you can’t live without. Increase your connect rate with one tool.


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