Introducing Pipeline Ops, The CRM And Sales Optimization HubSpot Agency

Posted by Josh Paul on Nov 1, 2019 7:10:23 PM
Josh Paul

“Small Marketing Teams” was never meant to be a business name. 

After spending 10 years learning and testing processes for growing business without a big marketing budget or a big team, I wanted to give back to the business community by sharing the systems, process, and tools I have developed. 

So, I launched Small Marketing Teams as a podcast in 2016 to teach people how to increase leads and sales.

When people heard my stories, they asked if I could help them. I knew my systems worked and I wanted to help people, so I started a consulting agency under the Small Marketing Teams brand.

That mission, team, and expertise grew into the consulting arm of Small Marketing Teams that you are familiar with today.

The Biggest Problem With Marketing And Lead Generation

Through our work with clients, my team and I identified a significant and pervasive gap in companies’ customer acquisition processes.

Many businesses that asked to work with us had website traffic. They were also bringing in leads through inbound marketing or account-based outreach. 

However, sales teams were missing  simple, efficient processes for working leads, tracking their progress and follow up activity, and most importantly closing deals

This created a series of issues that have an outsized impact on revenue growth, including: 

  • Everyone was using the CRM and sales tools differently.
  • Sales data was incomplete or inaccurate due to low CRM adoption.
  • New sales reps had a hard time ramping up.
  • Good leads were falling off sales reps’ radars.
  • Marketers were frustrated that the leads they generated were slipping through the cracks or rotting on the vine.

Worst of all, executives didn’t have reliable insight into their sales processes, rep performance, or pipeline forecasts.

We had a unique solution that had already helped companies of all types and sizes.

The “HS Sales Success” Framework

Early on, when HubSpot began to rollout their CRM and Sales Hub platform, I developed a selling system to increase revenue without paying for more traffic, leads, or sales reps.

What is known today as the “HS Sales Success” system, was born out of necessity when my company’s sales reps (who were used to handling only “ready-to-close” leads) struggled to stay on top of the type and quality of leads that come with content marketing.

Built inside HubSpot, our selling system has been implemented at dozens of companies over the past few years - from small SaaS technology companies and consumer service companies to some of the most well-known brands on the Internet.


To meet this demand for sales automation, sales process optimization, CRM adoption, and sales and marketing alignment, we are launching a new kind of HubSpot consulting agency - one that focuses on turning leads into revenue.

Introducing Pipeline Ops

Increasingly, executives are recognizing that marketing is only one part of the growth formula. They also need lead management processes and scalable sales automation to successfully turn brand awareness, website traffic, and leads into revenue.

Our first-of-its-kind HubSpot agency provides revenue ops services across the customer lifecycle. We manifest your strategies in HubSpot and implement best practices every step of the way - from advanced marketing automation and ongoing sales process optimization to custom reporting and automatically creating advocates from customers.


Pipeline Ops’s flagship program sets your sales team up to close more leads and increase adoption of the HubSpot CRM and sales tools. We also build out your business-specific metrics framework inside HubSpot, so that our clients can identify strong and weak parts of their customer acquisition process and make adjustments faster.

After clients implement or re-implement their lead management process in HubSpot, we specialize in ongoing CRM adjustments, automation expansion, and sales rep training as your business evolves. 

For companies that are just getting started with HubSpot’s sales, marketing, and customer service automation, we also offer HubSpot training workshops and implementation of more focused HubSpot automation solutions. HubSpot automation projects include custom HubSpot reporting, business-specific lead scoring, and chat bot development.

Where Do Revenue Ops Services Fit In Your Growth Plan?

There are tens of thousands of companies that are using HubSpot’s versatile platform today to generate leads, only to find frustration among the marketing, sales, and leadership teams if those leads don’t close.

Pipeline Ops focuses our expertise in areas that create the most value for our clients:

  • Using automation to qualify website visitors and get them engaged with a sales rep
  • Systems that enable sales reps to convert more leads into customers
  • Giving marketing teams, sales managers, and executives the data they need to make decisions

Rather than try to be all things to all HubSpot customers, Pipeline Ops has a strong horizontal niche in setting up sales teams to turn more leads into sales.

  • Marketers and marketing agencies still set strategy, create content and creative assets, and generate leads. 
  • Salespeople still connect with leads, qualify them, and close deals. 
  • Executives still make strategic plans, analyze data, and make important decisions. 

Pipeline Ops provides the data structure, automation, and staff training to ensure that those strategies, sales processes, and marketing campaigns get results. Our system helps you take full advantage of HubSpot’s capabilities and operate efficiently, even as your company grows.


Pipeline Ops Serves A Unique Role In The HubSpot Ecosystem

Our expertise in revenue ops and sales optimization makes it easy to help HubSpot marketing agencies, rather than compete with them.

We are actively working with HubSpot marketing agency partners from several countries to help their clients convert leads these agencies are generating into customers. These relationships are a win/win/win for HubSpot marketing agencies, their clients, and Pipeline Ops.

The team at Pipeline Ops are the experts in building your custom sales process into HubSpot in a way that your sales team loves (and uses). By working with us, you’ll generate more revenue from the lead flow you have today and gain clear insight into what is working and which parts of your process (and team) need some more love.

As HubSpot continues to expand their focus behind marketing and lead generation, the demand for Pipeline Ops sales and marketing automation services is exploding. We are excited to bridge this gap in the HubSpot community. 

What does this new chapter mean for you?

  1. If you have leads or target accounts today, but too few of those leads are turning into customers, schedule time with a Pipeline Ops Growth Specialist to see how we can help. 

  2. If you are a client or are in ongoing communication with the team at Small Marketing Teams, expect to get emails from Pipeline Ops rather than Small Marketing Teams. Your contacts, engagements, and level of service will not change at all.

  3. Follow Pipeline Ops on your favorite social network or receive HubSpot, CRM adoption, and sales optimization tips by joining our email list.

  4. If you are a marketing agency or HubSpot partner who is generating leads for your clients today, we’d love to chat with you to discuss how we can work together to ensure those leads don’t die on the vine or slip through the cracks.

  5. If you create content about marketing, sales, or customer experience automation, please link to Pipeline Ops and our resources in your own blog posts.

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