Episode #6: Five Things Small Marketing Teams Should Focus on in 2017 (That No One is Talking About)

Posted by Josh Paul on Jan 24, 2017 2:35:08 AM
Josh Paul

Learn the small marketing team hacks that the business media won't tell you about.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again - it's a great time to be a part of a small marketing team. There are so many resources available to help your team create processes that can double or triple your output.

In this episode, you’ll learn some insider secrets of marketing that don't require a big team or a big budget. I discuss "under the radar" tactics specifically geared for small teams that aren’t making headlines yet. Get ahead of the curve and make 2017 your best year yet!

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I kick off the episode by explaining why I can't wait to fire up the podcast mic each week. There are obviously a lot of ways that you can grow your business, however, there are very few options that give your business greater leverage in this day and age than investing in your marketing team.

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(4:36) What are best practices for hosting and sharing original video content?

Once you’ve created awesome video resources, how and where should you post them? It’s important to host and share through the right channels to maximize the return on the time and money you spent creating educational or product videos.

I'll explain how you can get the most traction with your video content.

(13:46) Where should small marketing teams spend their time and resources?

Marketing is constantly evolving and what worked yesterday may not work today. You won’t find these marketing tactics in any ‘marketing trend’ listicles. However, these are the tactics that will propel your marketing efforts to the next level.

Five Under-The-Radar Places Small Marketing Teams Should Focus on in 2017
  1. Get used to being on video. This could be anything from Facebook Live to quick product tours. Face your nerves and hit the record button so you can propel your message to the masses, without help.
  2. Humanize your calls to actions. We all love R2D2 on the big-screen, but not when it comes to making a big purchase. We want to connect with a real person on the other side of the equation.
  3. Stop posting so many blog articles. Try writing one epic piece of content per week, instead of forgettable mini-lists. Deep dives can show off your knowledge better and be a long-standing resource.
  4. Bring forward the likable characters in your organization.  Generic email copy has been dying for a while. Consider this your notice: time of death - 2016.
  5. Create more middle of the funnel offers. Data shows that people do 70% of the research before they ever actually talk to anyone at your organization. By putting high-quality middle of the funnel content behind a form, you will increase the number of sales-ready leads in your pipeline.

Check out the full episode for even more details about putting these tips into action.

(26:45) A special bonus.

Your small marketing team has so much potential! Start making the most of it with these "under the radar" tactics. Additionally, I've got a bonus tip below for those of you that made it to the show notes:

  1. Stop chasing shiny objects. Trying to stay on top of the latest tools and tactics leads to confusion, self-doubt, and inaction. Trust your system and work your systems! When something does catch your attention, evaluate it through the lens of your marketing plan. Don't throw away your plan when something new catches your eye. More often than not, your small marketing team will see better results if you stay on the path.
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