Episode #2: The #1 Marketing Tool I Use to Grow My Business

Posted by Josh Paul on Jan 2, 2017 2:57:22 PM
Josh Paul

When it comes to marketing your business and bringing in new customers, you can't improve everything at once. Unfortunately, that is a reality.

So, what are you going to do? Focus on branding, getting people to come to your website, generating leads, or turning leads into customers?

You can’t do it all at once.

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You can guess where to spend your time and budget, but you’ll end up wasting a lot of both. Or you can follow my process for determining where to focus your efforts. Honestly, this is the #1 framework I tell the marketing executives and practitioners I advise to install to grow their businesses.

And guess what? This tool doesn’t contain a single line of code.

I’ll show you how to determine where to spend your time and dollars to get more customers and where you’re wasting time today.

In this episode of Pipeline Ops, you’ll learn:

  • Why people don’t open your marketing emails (and how to fix it).
  • How to prioritize your marketing activities.
  • Who should and shouldn’t listen to the Pipeline Ops podcast.

One more thing about the tool I’m going to give you….it won’t cost you a dime!

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