Episode #15: How To Thrive With A Small Marketing Team In 2019

Posted by Josh Paul on Jan 2, 2019 1:13:47 AM
Josh Paul

Welcome To Your 2019 Survival Guide

It has been way too long since I published a podcast episode for you.

The podcast drought ends today!

I'm back and excited to bring you fresh tips for growing your business - even if you are not a well-funded start-up or household name brand.

Over the past year, I dug deep into how marketing is changing.

If you are experimenting with these shifts, then you will be well ahead of most companies - big and small - that are ignoring them.

In this episode, I lay out six areas to focus on in 2019 that will help you take advantage of the trends in how people find and buy from companies like yours.

In episode #15 of the Pipeline Ops podcast, you'll learn:

  • When to focus on scaling your content and when to put your time and resources into your lead capture and sales systems.
  • Is content marketing still effective in 2019?
  • How to leapfrog your competition by being more authentic online.
  • How to prioritize putting content on your blog or website versus posting on social networks.
  • How to build and maintain the relationships that will impact your business.

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