Episode #10: How to Publish a Book to Promote Your Business in Only 7 Hours

Posted by Josh Paul on Jun 6, 2017 3:59:10 PM
Josh Paul

How Can You Triple Your Creativity and Uncover Marketing Breakthroughs That Will Save You Time and Make You Money?

Start by loading this podcast episode onto your phone. Then, stand up and walk out the door.

In this session of the Pipeline Ops podcast, I do my best to bring back the lost art of going for walks. In all seriousness, whether it is going for a walk, exercising, or mowing the lawn, time away from your computer can accelerate your idea generation and help you think more clearly about the challenges you are trying to solve in your business.

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These breakthroughs could include topics for your next webinar, getting inside your prospect's head to determine the email sequence that they are most likely to respond to, and how to set up a content distribution system that only takes 30 minutes per day.

Tip: Incorporate time away from your computer, phone, and desk during your workday. These activities shouldn't be confined to your non-working hours. 
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How to Increase Webinar Registrations?

All of us wish we had the reach and gravitas of the rock stars in our industry. With this status, we could send a few tweets about an upcoming webinar and see hundreds of registrants pour in throughout the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, that is not an option for most small and mid-sized businesses. I faced this challenge every time I scheduled a webinar for my small software company. Over time, I figured out a system for filling my webinars without having to reinvent the wheel each month.

In this episode of the Pipeline Ops podcast, I’ll share the exact three-email sequence I used, plus a bonus tip that increased my webinar registrations by another 20%.

How to Write a Business Book Without Waking Up Before Dawn to Write for the Next Twelve Months

In the first-ever interview on the Pipeline Ops podcast, I team up with Nick Raithel, creator of The 7 Hour Book, to explain:

  • Why writing a book is an important part of growing your brand and lead generation operation
  • How to overcome common problems with writing your own book
  • Options available for businesses with small teams to write a book from scratch

You’ll learn how you can create a book to promote your brand from the guy who has helped dozens of businesses do it. The processes we discuss are exactly the type of systems that smaller companies can leverage to do more with fewer resources.

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