The Easiest Way To Unlock Your Inbound Marketing & Sales Strategies

Posted by Josh Paul on Apr 4, 2019 3:03:04 PM
Josh Paul

The thing I love most about inbound marketing and sales is I don’t have to sell.

You see, I am not a born salesperson.

However, when I was introduced to the idea of growing your business by providing helpful information to your market, I thought, “This is a system I could get behind.”

Rather than figuring out ways to jam my message through to my target buyers, I wake up every day excited to serve my market.

Asking myself, “What do my buyers need today?” is much more enjoyable than, “Why isn’t anyone listening to me?”

As a HubSpot User Group leader and someone who has helped dozens of HubSpot customers grow their businesses in the past year, I approach my day in the same way.

I wake up everyday thinking, “What can I do to help HubSpot customers get better results?”

I’ve found that HubSpot customers are all over the map in regards to making the most of their investment in inbound marketing and sales.

While most people get the big picture strategy, it is the little things like execution, productivity, and the nuances of the HubSpot platform where people get stuck.

I was the same way when I was first growing my software company using HubSpot.

Small nuggets of gold I learned from peers at HubSpot User Groups would catapult my results, especially since I was a marketing team of one.

To help HubSpot customers achieve the same type of breakthroughs, I created a new program, called the Inbound Hackathon.

This is a chance to get together (virtually) once a month with HubSpot experts, as well as people who are in your shoes, to:

  • Knock down roadblocks
  • Get clarity
  • Get feedback on what you are working on

These monthly collaborative work sessions are all about helping you get stuff done!

If you are a HubSpot customer, we’ve made the Inbound Hackathon a no-brainer to join.

Let me know if you have any questions about being part of our next work session.

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